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manofolympium asked:

Ultrons being a dick.



"You know, for once I’d like Hank to clean up his own messes. You know how many times we’ve been through the whole "Hank upgrades Ultron, only to discover that he still wants to kill/enslave/whatever everybody” thing, only to have Hank swear he’s that this time destroyed all the copies of Ultron.

But he never does, and the whole thing repeats in a few months. You can basically set your calenders by it. “Ultron rises up and tries to murder Hank and turn me into a robot”? Must be tax season again. 

manofolympium asked:

You seem alright. You should hang with me and my guys.

I’m so glad that manofolympium thinks I’m alright. Oh man, forget the extinction of mankind! I finally made it to paradise. 

Get real, fleshoid. Your crew ain’t got sparks like my crew.image

Hell, you don’t even got the stuff to compete with my high school posse.

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